Product Image Musical Ball Maze

Musical Ball Maze

Pick up the three balls and watch them roll through tunnels, make the monkey flip, spin the fan and spiral into the base! Music plays when the balls reach the end of the maze. Ages 18 months +

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Additional Information

The Musical Ball Maze is a marble run toy designed for younger children. As each of the large, child-safe balls is dropped into the tunnels, they'll flip a plastic monkey, a fan, and roll down to the bottom where a musical tune is played. Ages 18 months +


Easy to assemble
Teaches cause and effect
Pieces are large and child-safe

Skill Building

Children will practice fine motor skills as they pick up and place the balls. As the balls rolls through the maze, children will learn cause-and-effect. The movement through the maze helps children develop visual-spatial skills.

Package Contents:  

3 balls, 25 piece set, building instructions

Recommended Age:  

1.5 Years to 3 Years

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