Product Image My Neon Sticker Keeper Crate - Box

My Neon Sticker Keeper Crate

Express yourself with over 2000 colorful stickers in a trendy carrying case! Ages 8+

Additional Information

Decorate your journal, notebook, cards, and more with 2000+ neon stickers! Designed by artists at Fashion Angels, these colorful, cute stickers are perfect for decorating your journal, notebook, or anything else that needs a personal touch. Comes in a trendy tote, perfect for carrying for favorite stuff! Ages 8+


Includes stickers featuring photo-real animals, letters, cute sayings, fantasy graphics and much more
Perfect for scrapbookers, journals, planners, notebooks, greeting cards and decorating just about anything

Skill Building

Peeling and sticking the stickers helps children to develop fine motor skills and their pincer grasp. They will experience an increase in self-esteem while showing off the sticker designs that they create.

Package Contents:  

Carrying crate with 2000+ stickers

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 10 Years


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