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Nightbat Baseball Set

Hit a home run after the day is done! This light-up bat and ball set lets you practice your pitches and swings, even in the dark. Ages 6+

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Additional Information

The Nightbat Baseball Set lights up the night with bright LEDs that help you keep track of the ball no matter how dark it gets! The motion-activated lights and easy-to-grip ball add a new spin on the classic sport. Ages 6+


Motion-activated LEDs inside ball and bat
Play night or day

Skill Building

Throwing the ball and swinging the bat promotes hand-eye coordination. Kids will use grip strength and fine motor skills to hit the ball. As they chase and catch the ball, they'll build gross motor skills and make use of visual and spatial perception. Perfect for group play, children will practice social skills as they play baseball with friends.

Package Contents:  

1 light-up bat and 1 light-up ball

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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