Product Image Oball GoGrippers Bounce n' Zoom Speedway

Oball GoGrippers Bounce n' Zoom Speedway

Send the easy-to-grasp Oball car zipping down two twisty ramps! Lift it with the giant claw and drop it to tumble onto the bounce pad. Includes one Oball GoGrippers Car. Ages 2+

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Additional Information

At around two-feet tall, the Oball GoGrippers Bounce n' Zoom Speedway is a twisting, turning delight for young car enthusiasts. Drop a GoGrippers car on the ramps and watch them zip their way to the bottom! Lift them with a giant claw and drop them onto the bounce pad at the base of this towering speedway. Includes one Oball GoGrippers Car. Additional cars sold separately. Ages 2+


GoGripper vehicles are specially designed for easy holding
Cars can be lifted, dropped, bounce, and zoom down the various paths of the Speedway

Skill Building

Pushing and carrying the Oball GoGripper Cars as they walk around helps children to develop balance and gross motor skills. These cars are designed to be easy to grasp, perfect for developing skills of young children.

Package Contents: 1 Oball GoGrippers Vehicle, Speedway, Gripping Claw, Bounce Pad, Assembly instructions

Recommended Age: 2 Years to 4 Years


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