Product Image Paper Swirls Unicorn Fantasy Kit by ALEX

Paper Swirls Unicorn Fantasy Kit by ALEX

Make unicorn-themed art from strips of colorful paper. Ages 8+

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Additional Information

With the Paper Swirls Unicorn Fantasy Kit, roll strips of paper into perfect spirals with the push of a lever! This set introduces young craft enthusiasts to the world of quilling; making art with rolled paper strips. Make an adorable unicorn diorama with 130 colorful, fringe, foil and glitter strips of paper. Create 3 unicorns, flowers and more! The instruction booklet teaches you how to make lots of suggested shapes and to swirl around body forms to make bigger creations. The creative possibilities are endless! Paper thicknesses may vary. Larger coils may require more paper strips than appear in the instructions. Ages 8+


Create unicorn themed paper art
Roll paper strips with the push of a lever
Includes rainbow diorama background

Skill Building

The craft of quilling helps children practice fine motor skills of handling and rolling paper, as well as creativity and self-expression as they envision and create animals, shapes, decorations and much more.

Package Contents:  

"Swirly Gig" Easy Quilling Tool, 100 Self-Adhesive Paper Strips (0.28in/7mm wide), Quilling Board, 13 Body Forms, Tweezers, 20 Beads, 5 Punch-Outs, 3-Part Cardboard Stage, White Glue (0.3oz/9ml), 30 Fringe/Foil/Glitter Strips and an Easy Instruction Bookl

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 14 Years


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