Product Image Peek 'n Peep Eggs

Peek 'n Peep Eggs

Match the eggs' shapes to the carton, then lift the shells to reveal colorful chicks inside! Each chick makes a squeaking sound. Ages 12 months +

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Additional Information

Peek 'n Peep Eggs are a carton full of fun! Lift off the eggshells to reveal chicks that squeak when you press them. Each chick features a face that matches the one on the outside of the shell. Sort the eggs into the slots by matching the shape on the bottom of each shell. Ages 12 months +


Chicks squeak when pressed
Teaches colors and shape matching
Pieces store easily in egg carton

Skill Building

Squeaking chicks provide sensory feedback as children press them to hear the squeaking noise. Children will learn to sort and match as they move the chicks and eggs into and out of the carton. Manipulating the egg shells and chicks will encourage children to develop fine motor skills.

Package Contents:  

Egg Carton~ 6 Eggs with Chicks

Recommended Age:  

1 Years to 2 Years


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