Product Image Peppa Pig: My Mommy

Peppa Pig: My Mommy

Peppa Pig: My Mommy tells the tale of a slightly bossy piggy named Peppa and her little brother, George. The story shows the many reasons why this pair of piglets love Mummy Pig. Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

Celebrate mothers everywhere with Peppa Pig: My Mommy, brought to you by Peppa and her little brother, George! This delightful story shows the many reasons why Peppa and George love Mummy Pig, from comforting cuddles to sharing splashes in muddy puddles. Ages 3 +.


Celebrates mothers
Promotes literacy and language skills
Colorful illustrations

Skill Building

Peppa Pig is a familiar and lovable piggy that engages young readers as they develop literacy and language skills. As they discuss the story and follow along with the illustrations, children will build cognitive skills, improve their social skills, and practice oral motor skills.

Package Contents:  

16-page board book

Recommended Age:  

3 to 5


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