Product Image Playfoam Combo 8-pack

Playfoam Combo 8-pack

Build, shape, squish and squeeze Playfoam! This play substance never dries out doesn't stick to surfaces. With the Combo 8-pack you can mix colors or play individually. Playfoam brings tactile exploration that lasts for hours. Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

Playfoam has definitely been designed with preschoolers in mind. This no-mess play substance is rug, couch and curtain approved! Preschoolers will love to build, shape, squish and squeeze Playfoam. And parents will never have to clean up after sticky, gummy putty. Playfoam gives kids hours of intense tactile exploration and never dries out. If you're trying to imagine what Playfoam feels like, think of a squishy, light and airy ball of tiny foam beads! Mix the colors together for a one-of-a-kind Playfoam look, or play with them individually. Playfoam encourages creativity at home or on-the-go! Includes 8 packages of Playfoam. Ages 3 +.


Plenty of Playfoam colors to choose from in this set
Never dries out!
Kids will use their imaginations to form Playfoam into loads of things

Skill Building

The pliable foam encourages sensory processing skills because as kids mold and squish the Playfoam in their hands, they are experiencing various sensations that help them gain a better understanding of their body in relationship to space. This tactile experience can enhance focus, and the bright colors encourage visual discernment. As kids build and mold with Playfoam, they increase finger strength and manipulation and improve their fine motor skills.

Package Contents:  

8 Playfoam colors~8 packages of Playfoam

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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