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Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

Learn some yummy science as you make your own all-natural rainbow gummy treats! Ages 6+

Additional Information

With the Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab, kids can make their own gummy bears, unicorns, and rainbows using all-natural, plant-based mixtures. Parents can help mix, mold, and microwave these tasty candy treats. Learn about cooking and chemistry with this fun kit! Ages 6+


Makes a unique science-themed gift
Mix and match custom flavors
Educational and edible

Skill Building

Easy instructions promote literacy and language skills and guide children through the candy-making process. Sharing candy and recipes with friends provides a great opportunity for children to practice using their social skills and to build self-esteem, and working together with adults is an opportunity for parent-child bonding.

Package Contents:  

Sour mixture, cherry gummy candy mix, raspberry gummy candy mix, banana gummy candy mix, vanilla gummy candy mix, plastic gummy candy mold, plastic bags, sticker sheets, 16-page workbook

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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