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RED Plasma Car


Recommended Age :

3 Years to 5 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Take a ride on a PlasmaCar! One of our all-time favorites, just turn the steering wheel back and forth and let inertia drive your PlasmaCar forward. These expertly designed ride-on cars run without batteries or electricity and support up to 220 pounds. Simply turn the wheel to go and put your feet down to stop! Ages 3+

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Encourages active play
Features a brightly colorful and sturdy design
Battery-free and kid-powered

Skill Building

Children will use gross motor skills to turn the wheel on their PlasmaCar and to put their feet down to stop.

Package Contents:  

1 PlasmaCar (Red)


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Plasma car #2!!! The best!!

By Laurie Muir on 4/7/2020

The best toy for for your kidlets hands down!! From 1-21 this is the one toy they will never outgrow! Great for fine and large motor skills and just plain fun! My daughter-in-law even rides it! No motor or peddling! Great fun!

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