Bug & Butterfly Kit

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  • LIVE BUTTERFLY GARDEN KIT: Includes 12-inch tall habitat, butterfly growing instructions, 50% off coupon for live insects, BONUS activity booklet, and packaged in a colorful box. Waterproof and washes easily.
  • POP UP HABITAT DESIGN: for easy travel and storage.
  • GREAT FOR LIVE INSECTS: Perfect for flying bugs, insects and other critters.
  • 50% OFF COUPON: for LIVE caterpillars with food are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii. Optional.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Kids watch the miracle of metamorphosis right before their eyes. Perfect as a gift or for teacher classroom use.
  • SCHOOL OR HOME: Sturdy enough for home or classroom.
Complete butterfly growing kit and discount voucher - just add caterpillars: a habitat specially made for bug and butterflies. Kids and adults will be amazed as you hatch your very own live butterflies. Watch them grow from larvae to adult then turn them loose into the Wild. Works great with other critters as well. Fun for butterflies, crawly bugs, flying insects, reptiles and plants. Use the optional discount coupon to buy butterfly larvae and food delivered right to your door. This is a complete butterfly kit, Just add insects. Excellent for home or classroom use. Butterfly kit: includes 12-inch tall habitat, butterfly growing instructions, 50% Off coupon for live insects, bonus activity booklet, and packaged in a colorful box. waterproof and washes easily. includes Mail-In 50% Off Voucher for five butterfly larvae and food delivered to your door via USP (live insects are optional and sold separately). or, use caterpillars and insects found in your own yard or park.

The Nature Bound Bug & Butterfly Habitat VillageGet up, get out, get nature bound!

Grow 'em, hatch 'em, let 'em go

The Nature Bound Butterfly Village

A pop up habitat for raising Live butterflies from larvae.

Kit includes butterfly garden kit, instructions, and live butterfly larvae coupon - sold separately.

Packaged In A Colorful Box

Great for home or classroom use. Raise live butterflies for fun or as a school science fair project. Kit includes everything you'll need except for the live larvae which can be purchased separately using the enclosed coupon.

Butterfly Larvae Sold Separately...

Each kit includes a 50% off coupon for Live butterfly caterpillars. Grow 5 beautiful painted lady butterflies. Sold separately.

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