Product Image Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

A science experiment you can eat! Grow your own edible rock candy crystals from pure sucrose in just one week. Ages 5+

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Additional Information

The Rock Candy Crystal Growing Experiment Kit is a science experiment you can eat! Use the included ingredients to make five sticks of rock candy that grow over the course of 7 days. Once those have all been eaten up, kids can make new rock candy using standard granulated sugar by following instructions in the included study guide! Adult supervision required. Ages 5+


Fun science experiment with a tasty reward at the end
Study guide teaches young learners basic concepts of chemistry
Requires the use of some household items: Saucepan, spoon, measuring cup, and a stove or hotplate

Skill Building

Children will learn the science of chemistry as they mix and watch these rock candy crystals grow. They will use fine motor skills to measure and prepare their experiments and literacy to follow the included study guide.

Package Contents:  

Glass jar with lid, five seeded wooden sticks, enough sucrose to grow one rock candy per stick, study guide, instructions

Recommended Age:  

5 Years to 7 Years


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