Product Image Rocket Balloons With Pump Set-Balloon launched into air by kids

Rocket Balloons with Pump Set


Recommended Age :

8 Years to 12 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

The Rocket Balloons with Pump Set comes with 30 colorful balloons which are specially-shaped to take flight. Place a balloon on the pump, inflate and then release for an amazing show of latex aviation. These balloons will squeal and swirl through the air, flipping frowns upside-down as they pass by each observer! Includes 30 Rocket Balloons and pump. Ages 8 +.


Awesome active-play activity
Balloons squeal as they fly through the air!
Just inflate and send on a ride!

Skill Building

Inflating the Rocket Balloons with the included pump is a great way for children to grip strength and engage the muscles in their arms. They'll also use fine motor skills to pinch the balloon shut until it's time to launch. As they chase the balloons through the air, kids will get an aerobic workout while using gross motor skills and coordination.

Package Contents:  

30 Rocket Balloons and pump


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Fast delivery and a hit with the little ones!

By Scott Mrdeza on 4/12/2020

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