Product Image Roller Coaster Challenge Game

Roller Coaster Challenge Game

Build your own roller coaster and send a car whizzing down the tracks. It's a thrilling engineering and logic challenge! Single player. Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Roller Coaster Challenge is an engineering-based puzzle game that will teach children physics as they assemble their own roller coaster tracks. Each of the 40 Challenge Cards shows you how to get started, and then it's up to the builder to finish the job! 1 player. Ages 6 +


Puzzles combine logic and physics
Allows for both freeform creativity and concrete puzzle solving

Skill Building

Children will use fine motor skills to place the pieces of roller coaster track and visual/spatial perception to figure out how they all fit together. Logical thinking and cognitive skills are employed as children figure out how to best complete the challenges presented to them. Teaches a hands-on demonstration of basic physics.

Package Contents:  

Game Grid, 39 Track Pieces, 36 Post Pieces, 2 Tunnels, 40 Challenges with Solutions, Instructions

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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