Product Image Scented Squishy Unicorn Pillow

Scented Squishy Unicorn Pillow

Squish and fluff this jumbo unicorn pillow! This cute pillow makes for unique room decor. Ages 5+

Additional Information

The Scented Squishy Unicorn Pillow brings a magical touch to your child's bedroom or playroom. With a plush exterior, this soft pillow is comfy to snuggle up with for rest and relaxation. Kids will enjoy showing this playful, colorful decor to their friends! Ages 5+


17 inches tall
Plush exterior
Cute, trendy decor

Skill Building

The soft texture of this pillow can help children build sensory processing skills. Anxious children can hug the pillow for calming tactile input that will help take their focus off of difficult social situations.

Package Contents:  

1 Scented Squishy Unicorn Pillow

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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