Product Image Scientific Explorer Bubble Gum Factory Kit

Scientific Explorer Bubble Gum Factory Kit

Discover how to make fruity, minty, or sour gum with the Bubble Gum Factory Kit! Kids will learn the steps involved in gum-making and will even get to sample their chewy treats. Ages 8 +.

Additional Information

Inquisitive kids will be enthralled with the Bubble Gum Factory Kit. The ingredients magically change from goop to bubble gum. Children can make fruity, minty, and sour gum by following the simple instructions and using a little muscle to mix. Children with adventurous palates can even mix and match flavors to create custom varieties. Ages 8 +.


Makes a unique science-themed gift!
Mix and match custom flavors
Fun and edible

Skill Building

Easy instructions promote literacy and language skills and guide children through the gum-making process. As they make the bubble gum, stretchy textures and exciting smells provide input that helps children to develop sensory processing skills. Sharing new recipes with friends provides a great opportunity for children to practice using their social skills and to build self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

Tools and ingredients for creating custom gum flavors

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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