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Seek-a-Boo! Game

Seek-a-Boo! is a game of hide and seek with two decks of cards. One player hides the "Seek Me" cards around the room and other players pick "Find Me" cards that tell them which cards to search for. Best with two or more players. Ages 18 months +.

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Additional Information

Seek-a-Boo! Game is a fun, active game that helps young children learn the names of colors, shapes, animals, foods, and more while finding each match. Seek-a-Boo! includes 36 large, round "Seek Me" photo cards to scatter face down around the room, and 36 matching "Find Me" cards for a parent or teacher to call out. For two or more players. Ages 18 months +.


Teaches matching and visual discrimination skills
Sort by image and by color

Skill Building

Seek-a-Boo! teaches children to find matches and identify symbols as they practice visual discrimination and develop cognitive skills. Children practice their social skills as they search for cards with friends.

Package Contents:  

36 "Find Me" and 36 "Seek Me" cards

Recommended Age:  

2 Years to 3 Years


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