Product Image Shine-a-Light Books: On The Construction Site

Shine-a-Light Books: On The Construction Site

Hold a light behind the pages to discover the secrets of a construction site! Ages 4+

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Additional Information

Shine-a-Light Books are a unique educational series where young readers can reveal hidden secrets just by holding pages up to the light. On The Construction Site teaches children about how buildings are made and the machines used to build them. Ages 4+


Hold pages up to the light to see hidden pictures
Simple, easy-to-follow language
Learn about construction

Skill Building

Children improve their language and speech skills as they read about the different vehicles and construction techniques. They will use fine motor skills to hold the pages at the right angle to let light shine through to reveal the hidden pictures.

Package Contents: 36 page hardcover

Recommended Age: 4 Years to 8 Years


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