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What is #PlayUnplugged? - #PlayUnplugged is a movement to make time to turn off the screens and use your body, hands and mind in creative and active ways. From pretend play to crafting, outdoor games to handwritten journaling, and puzzles to slime, #PlayUnplugged means using the five senses, developing fine and gross motor skills, building friendships, using creativity and imagination, and making memories!

Why #PlayUnplugged? - Research shows that setting limits for children’s media use improves academic, social, and physical child outcomes. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting young children’s media use, and spending the majority of time interacting in person - the way children learn best. For older kids and teens, social media use may affect their judgment as their experience peer pressure in a world of “likes.”

While most families allow screen time, we believe in moderation – and presenting families with plenty of screen-free ways to spend quality time.

Ways to #PlayUnplugged This Summer! - Summer is about getting outside, spending quality time with family and friends, and exploring new hobbies. It’s about spending lingering afternoons crafting or playing board games, and enjoying warm evenings at the beach or in the yard. From pool floats to science kits to sprinklers, Learning Express Toys has everything you need to #PlayUnplugged this summer. We wish you many unhurried, relaxing, and inspirational hours of play!

Check out our blog post, from a teacher’s perspective, on why kids should #PlayUnplugged. Below are some great toys to inspire you to #PlayUnplugged!

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