Connect 4 Grid Refresh

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  • Unleash an assault from every angle to be the first to 4 in a row. 
  • Stay one step ahead of your opponent to block moves and crush the competition! 
  • Classic 4-in-a-row game features three ways to play.
  • 2-player game

How To Play This classic 2-player game teaches children strategy and spatial logic. To start the game, each player chooses a color and one player drops a disc into the game grid from the top. The objective is to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line using 4 of your colored discs. Take turns adding discs to the grid, focusing on your color while keeping an eye on your opponent's moves. A round is over when someone wins or when the game fills up completely. To start another round, pull the slider bar and let all the discs fall from the bottom. Kids will be hooked for hours with this classic game. Highlights: Get four in a row to win! Great for all ages. Contents: Grid 2 Legs, Slider bar, 21 Red discs,21 Yellow discs and Instructions
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