Electronic Arcade Pinball

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•Fully functional tabletop pinball machineEncourages hand-eye coordination, concentration, fast reflexes.
•LED lights on both sides light up as you score points and reach milestones
•Features arcade music soundtrack that plays in the background.
•Electronic scoreboard keeps track of all your points.
•Bumpers actually vibrate as the ball comes into contact with them!
•Detects when ball falls into the drain, keeps track of high scores
•Includes one pinball machine with metal balls
Requires 3 AA batteries - Not included
•Ages 6+
It's sized to fit easily atop a desk or kitchen table, yet it's designed with all the features you could ask for in a real arcade pinball machine.

Pull the launcher back, release, and - Whoosh! - the machine lights up as the silver ball rolls into ricocheting action!

But don't let the lights and sounds distract you... Keep your fingers ready at the flippers and wait for the perfect moment. It's up to you to not just keep the ball from falling into the drain - You've also got to hit it just right to send it racing and bouncing toward a new high score!
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