Product Image Slimeball Battle Pack

Slimeball Battle Pack

The Slimeball Battle Pack adds even more excitement to Slimeball Dodgetag with six additional balls. Soft, safe, and mess-free slimeballs ensure that children are always ready for battle. Ages 6 +.

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Additional Information

Keep the battle going at all times with the Slimeball Battle Pack. Six soft, mess-free slimeballs ensure that you'll never have to worry about running out in the middle of a game. Ages 6 +.


Soft and mess-free
Replace lost slimeballs or expand the Slimeball Dodgetag set
Promotes active group play

Skill Building

Slimeballs feature a squishy texture that provides tactile input to aid in the development of sensory processing skills. As children duck and dodge their opponents, they will build gross motor skills while receiving an aerobic workout. Gripping and throwing the slimeballs will help children to improve hand-eye and bilateral coordination skills.

Package Contents:  

6 slimeballs

Recommended Age:  

6 to 12


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