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Slimeball Flinger Darts

Test your aim by pulling back on the flinger balls to shoot the dartboard! Balls shoot over 30 feet. Includes two flingers, four slimeballs and target. Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Take aim with the Slimeball Flinger Darts! The soft, squishy slimeballs stick to the dartboard, but don't stick to anything else or leave a residue. Shoot the balls with the flinger, or just with your fingertips. Challenge your friends to get the best score. Ages 6 +


Slimeballs shoot over 30 feet
Scoring system on dartboard
Slimeballs stick to target, but don't stick to walls or floor

Skill Building

Shooting slimeballs toward the target helps children develop hand-eye coordination and visual processing skills. Competing with friends and taking turns shooting slimeballs at the dartboard builds social skills.

Package Contents:  

Two flingers, four slimeballs, one target

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 12 Years


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