Product Image Slimeball Light Claw and Glow Target

Slimeball Light Claw and Glow Target

Take aim and throw squishy, light-up Slimeballs at the sticky target! Includes a target poster, charging Light Claw, and two Slimeballs. Ages 6+

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Additional Information

Practice your aim in the dark! Hang the glowing target anywhere, and use the Slimeball Light Claw to charge the light-up slimeball. It stays lit as it splats onto the target! Ages 6+


Slimeballs only stick to target
Soft and gooey texture
Use Light Claw to make the Slimeballs glow

Skill Building

Squishy Slimeballs provide tactile input to aid in the development of sensory processing skills. Kids will use visual perception and hand-eye coordination while aiming the slinger at the target. As they test their aiming abilities and practice precision, children will build self-esteem.

Package Contents:  

Light Claw, 2 Glow Slimeballs, Glow Target

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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