Product Image SmartLab Extreme Secret Formula Lab

SmartLab Extreme Secret Formula Lab

Conduct 20 fizzing, glowing science experiments with this exciting lab set! Ages 8 +

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Additional Information

Turn your home into a laboratory! The Extreme Secret Formula Lab comes with instructions for 20 different experiments that glow, fizz, smell, and vanish. Use the included beakers and test tubes to mix household ingredients and included glow-in-the-dark powder, then record your results in the included journal. Ages 8 +


Easy-to-do science experiments
Uses common household items such as water, thread, and paper
Teaches basic chemistry

Skill Building

This lab kit promotes the development of literacy and cognitive skills with instructions for each experiment. The colors and smells produced by these experiments provide sensory input while children learn the basics of chemistry.

Package Contents:  

Journal with instructions for 20 experiments, beaker, test tube stand, measuring scoop , 8 glow-in-the-dark powder packets, mixing bowl, 2 test tubes with squishy lids, eyedropper, sticker sheet

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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