Product Image Snow Ball Crunchy Stress Ball-Hand crushing ball

Snow Ball Crunchy Stress Ball


Recommended Age :

3 Years to 5 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Knead, squeeze, and squish to help ease anxiety! The Snow Ball Crunchy Stress Ball is a super-squishy stress ball perfect for de-stressing and working out your fidgets. This unique stress ball has a crunchy texture inside that feels like a real snowball when you squeeze it! Ages 5+


Crunchy, snow-like texture inside
Great for relaxation
For adults or children

Skill Building

These squishy, rubbery stress balls are designed to help ease anxiety. They provide a physical sensation while building hand and grip strength.

Package Contents:  

1 Snow Ball Crunchy Stress Ball


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By Ray on 11/23/2018

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