Product Image Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

The Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug is a durable 48-piece floor puzzle that measures 2 x 3 feet when assembled. Kids will love looking at the beautifully detailed and labeled solar system images! Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

Kids will be deep in thought, pondering what their place in the universe is with the Solar System Floor Puzzle by Melissa & Doug. Well OK, even if they aren't questioning existence, kids will be intrigued by the beautifully-designed solar system illustration on this 48-piece durable cardboard puzzle. And at a large two by three foot assembled size, the solar system is closer to home than ever! Planets are even labeled to teach names. Ages 3 +.


Awesome solar system illustration
Made from super-durable cardboard
Measures two by three feet when assembled!

Skill Building

As kids piece together the Solar System Floor Puzzle, they will work on improving their visual/spatial perception and cognitive skills. Kids will think critically and make decisions as they make the puzzle, and kids will assemble the different shapes of the puzzle and observe how they piece together to create the finished image. Handling the puzzle pieces and linking them together will also help kids develop their fine-motor skills.

Package Contents:  

48-Piece puzzle

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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