Product Image Space Invaders Mini Retro Arcade Game

Space Invaders Mini Retro Arcade Game


Recommended Age :

8 Years to 12 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

Using a black and white LCD screen, the Space Invaders Mini Retro Arcade Game captures the spirit of Taito's 1978 arcade classic in a portable format. With casing inspired by the original arcade cabinet, this is the ultimate retro throwback! Includes 2 AA batteries. Ages 8 +


Classic Space Invaders game play
Easy to take on the go
Design inspired by original 1978 arcade cabinet

Skill Building

Manipulating the game's small buttons and arcade stick uses fine motor skills while the game itself tests players' speed and reflexes.

Package Contents:  

1 Space Invaders Mini Retro Arcade Game, 2 AA batteries


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999 seconds of fun

By Dani on 3/19/2017

This is a great game for grab and go or just to kill some time at home. Ours stops on Level 10. Even if the level had cleared and time is left on the time it doesn't got behind level 10.

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