Product Image Sparkle Gel Crayons

Sparkle Gel Crayons

Sparkle Gel Crayons are made of a solidified gel that creates smooth, bold strokes. When water is applied, the gel transforms to create a unique watercolor effect. Ages 4 +.

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Additional Information

Create bold strokes of color and watch them magically change when you add water. Sparkle Gel Crayons are made with a solidified gel that makes bolder and smoother strokes than normal crayons. Add a wet paint brush for watercolor effects for truly unique works of art. Comes with 12 colored gel crayons with a thick contoured grip for comfort. Also writes on black paper. Ages 4 +.


Comfort grips
Create wet or dry drawings
Experiment with unique watercolor effects

Skill Building

Sparkle Gel Crayons create fun watercolor effects that encourage children to try new creative possibilities. Manipulating the crayons promotes the development of fine motor skills and the pincer grasp.

Package Contents:  

12 gel crayons

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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