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Spirograph Junior

A Spirograph kit for the younger set! Chunky stencils stay enclosed within a sturdy frame to help younger children make beautiful designs without losing or breaking the pieces. Ages 3 +

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Additional Information

Even young children can make beautiful Spirograph designs with the Spirograph Junior set! With chunky gears designed for small hands and a drawing tablet that holds the gears in place, children are introduced to the wonder of Spirograph and can start making the classic geometric designs. Ages 3 +


Jumbo-sized wheels and gears are easy for small hands
Drawing tablet functions as a work station and carrying case

Skill Building

Spirograph helps children develop fine motor skills as they hold the markers in place and rotate the gears to create the pattern. Selecting the colors and gears to use boosts children's creativity, and predicting and observing the geometric patterns as they emerge promotes visual-spatial skills.

Package Contents:  

Drawing tablet, jumbo wheels and gears, instructions, design sheets and 5 washable markers

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 8 Years


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