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Splash Out Game

Pass around the water time bomb while naming items from the given category. When the time's up, whoever's holding the ball is getting wet! Ages 8+

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Additional Information

Answer the questions on the Splash Out challenge cards quickly or you'll get soaked! Take turns answering questions and passing the ball back and forth while the timer counts down. When it hits zero, the water balloon inside pops! 2+ players. Ages 8+


Water-resistant cards
Fun, fast-paced game
2+ players

Skill Building

Children will use cognitive skills to quickly come up with answers to the Challenge Card prompts while using gross motor skills to pass the Splash Out Ball back and forth. Playing with friends will build self-esteem and social skills.

Package Contents:  

Splash Out Ball with Timer, 20 Challenge Cards, 24 standard size balloons, hose adapter, 10 reusable quick seal balloon clips

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years

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