Product Image Square Panda Phonics Playset

Square Panda Phonics Playset

Make screen time into reading time wth Square Panda, an interactive digital phonics program! Ages 2+

Additional Information

Make screen time reading time! Connect your tablet via Bluetooth to play 10 interactive word games using the 45 tactile Smart Letters, which children love to pick up and put in the tray. Practice spelling, phonics, rhyming and more - Square Panda adapts to your child's level. Ages 2+


Tablet not included; works with any tablet with Bluetooth support
Programs designed for children ages 2-8
Teaches spelling, phonics, rhyming, and more

Skill Building

Children will develop phonics and literacy skills as they engage in simple and entertaining activities. They'll experience an increase in self-esteem while learning each new lesson. These programs are designed to teach children ages 2-8.

Package Contents:  

Square Panda playset, 45 smart letters, access to a library of free learning games

Recommended Age:  

2 Years to 8 Years


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