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Squigz Toobz

Squigz stick together using the power of suction! The new, elongated Toobz pipes add a new twist on the classic Squigz design. Ages 3+

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Additional Information

Build Squigz structures that stick together by the power of suction! These unique construction toys can stick to each other or any solid, non-porous surface. Windows, tabletops, bathtubs, and more can become building sites for Squigz structures. Compatible with all other Squigz sets. Ages 3+


Pieces stick together using suction
Unique shape
Build vertically and horizontally

Skill Building

The unique shape of Squigz pieces makes them perfect for small hands to grab and manipulate, building grip strength and fine motor skills. Children will use their cognitive skills as they experiment with creating structures on new surfaces. The texture of Squigz provides children with soothing tactile feedback which will help them to develop sensory processing skills.

Package Contents:  

12 Toobz, 6 original Squigz

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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