Product Image Super Slime Masterpiece Kit

Super Slime Masterpiece Kit

Mix up 6 different colors of Super Slime, grow water absorbing polymers and add glitter and foam balls. When you're done playing, stretch and dry out the slime and hang it in the window for a unique work of art! It even glows under the included blacklight. Ages 8+

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Additional Information

Science meets art with the Super Slime Masterpiece Kit! Learn about polymers by mixing two liquids together to create your no-glue Super Slime. Choose and mix the vibrant and UV-reactive colors. Glitter, styrofoam beads and marbles add to the fun. Your slime dries out to become an artistic masterpiece! Hang it on the window with the included suction cup hook. Ages 8+


UV reactive
Vibrant colors
Slime dries out to become an art piece
Mix and match colors and add texture with mix-ins
No glue required

Skill Building

Children will practice reading and measurement skills while following the instructions to mix up their slime ingredients. Playing with the slime is a sensory activity. At the same time, children will practice creativity while mixing and matching colors and mix-in ingredients for their slime. Displaying the dried-out slime as an art project boosts children's self-esteem!

Package Contents:  

100mL (3.4oz) Green Super Slime, 100mL (3.4oz) Blue Super Slime, 100mL (3.4oz) Orange Super Slime, 100mL (3.4oz) Yellow Super Slime, 100mL (3.4oz) Clear Super Slime, 120mL (4oz) Sodium Tetraborate Tri-hydrate (Super Slime Activator), 2.5g (.08oz) Glitter,

Recommended Age:  

8 Years to 12 Years


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