Product Image Sweetlings Swirl-n-Twirl Minis by Alex

Sweetlings Swirl-n-Twirl Minis by Alex

Create 4 miniature Sweetlings cupcake characters that look good enough to eat. Frost your world! Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Make your own cupcake friends with Sweetlings Swirl-n-Twirl Minis! This kit includes materials to make 4 characters: SINGling, HOPling, MEOWling and MISS CHARMling. Swirl the whipped clay (that looks like frosting, but is not edible!) onto each cupcake base and customize with faces, charms and glitter. Let dry overnight, display on the included cupcake stand, and enjoy your frosty friends! Ages 6 +


Customize your own cupcake friends
Whipped clay looks just like frosting
Dries overnight

Skill Building

Children will build fine motor skills as they squeeze the whipped clay, lift accessories with tweezers and decorate the Sweetlings characters. Using this craft kit with a friend is a perfect social activity.

Package Contents:  

3 Color Swirl Whipped Clay Tubes, 3 Star Tips and Caps, Glitter, PVC Decorative Stickers, Plastic Sprinkles, 4 Mini Cupcake Bases, Tweezers, Cupcake Stand and Instructions

Recommended Age:  

6 Year s to 10 Year s

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