Product Image Swingball Early Fun

Swingball Early Fun

Swingball fun for younger kids! This complete Swingball set includes two lightweight, sturdy paddles and a soft foam ball. Ages 2+

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Additional Information

The Swingball Early Fun set includes two sturdy paddles and a soft foam ball especially designed for young players. It's a safe, fun way to practice hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills! Ages 2+


Easy to assemble, store, and carry
Soft foam ball for young players
43 inch height

Skill Building

Children will develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they hit the Swingball tennis ball with their paddles. They will build social skills and self-esteem as they play with friends and family.

Package Contents:  

1 Swingball Early Fun set with foam ball and 2 paddles

Recommended Age:  

3 Years to 5 Years


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