Product Image Scientific Explorer Tasty Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Tasty Science Kit

The Tasty Science Kit includes 10 sweet activities that teach children about the science behind tasty treats like cupcakes, cookies, candy, and more. Children will learn the basics of kitchen chemistry while creating edible treats. Ages 8 +.

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Additional Information

Mmmmm! Who knew science could taste so good? With this kit, kids will whip up cupcakes, cookies, candy, and more - all in the name of science! Learn what makes cakes rise, candy crystallize, and more real chemistry happen in the kitchen. Kids will be able to create cupcakes, cookies, fizzy drinks, crystallized candy, and more! 10 sweet activities are included. Ages 8 +.


Create edible experiments
Learn basic kitchen chemistry
Follow along with activity guide

Skill Building

Tasty Science experiments promote the development of cognitive skills as children learn through creating edible experiments. Kids will practice language and literacy skills while reading through the activity guide. As they share tasty treats with friends and family, children's self-esteem will increase.

Package Contents:  

Baking soda, citric acid, raspberry flavoring, grape flavoring, watermelon flavoring, rainbow sprinkles, blue food coloring, measuring spoon, scoop, blank labels, litmus paper book, 12 baking cups, 4 test tubes, bouillon cube, plastic vial with cap, pipet

Recommended Age:  

8 to 12


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