Product Image The Care & Keeping of Us by American Girl

The Care & Keeping of Us by American Girl

The Care & Keeping of Us includes three books to help moms and daughters discuss important topics about growing up. Mom and daughter each receive a book of how-to-say-it scripts for prompting difficult discussions. They'll use the journal and bookmarks to share thoughts and discuss experiences. Ages 6 +.

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Additional Information

The Care & Keeping of Us provides scripts to facilitate important conversations between mother and daughter. The books encourage girls to explore hygiene and healthy habits as well as crushes and fashion. Moms are encouraged to share their own wisdom and guide girls through the mysteries of growing up. A hardcover journal contains activities aimed at opening communication, having fun together and getting to know each other. Ages 6 +.


Discuss difficult topics together
Share with the journal and bookmarks
Scripts help guide the conversation

Skill Building

The Care & Keeping of Us helps girls approach sensitive topics with self-esteem and poise. They'll develop social skills while discussing hygiene, fashion, and relationships with Mom. Girls will practice literacy and language skills as they read about a variety of topics.

Package Contents: The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Girls, The Care & Keeping of Us: A How-To-Say-It Book for Moms, and The Care & Keeping of Us: A Book for Girls and Their Moms to Share

Recommended Age: 6 to 10


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