Product Image Tiki Toss Basketball

Tiki Toss Basketball

Swing and release the suspended miniature basketball and try to sink a basket! Ages 6+

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Additional Information

The Tiki Toss Basketball set includes a 100% bamboo backboard and miniature basketball. Connect the ball to the ceiling, adjust to the perfect height, and let it fly! Great for parties. Ages 6+


Miniature backboard made from 100% bamboo
Easy to learn, tough to master
Perfect for parties

Skill Building

Children will use fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to carefully aim and toss this miniature basketball while building focus and concentration.

Package Contents:  

Backboard, miniature basketball with suspension string, miniature hoop and net, 2 wall screws, 1 eye-hook screw

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 8 Years


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