5 Benefits of Coloring for Kids (At Any Age)

Girl sitting at a table using a colored pencilIf you go out to eat as a family, chances are your child has received a pack of crayons at a restaurant. The benefits are obvious – your young child stays occupied at the table while you wait!

But did you know coloring has benefits even as children get older? With advantages from stimulating creativity to improving focus, coloring is a fun and satisfying activity for every age.

Here are 5 reasons to get kids coloring today:

  1. Coloring helps kids focus. Filling in the lines of an age-appropriate coloring book helps kids focus on the task at hand while creating something beautiful. It also helps develop fine motor skills.
  2. Coloring improves color and texture awareness. Young children have the opportunity to learn the names of colors, while older children can practice art techniques such as stippling (dots) and scumbling (filling in with round scribbles).
  3. Coloring is great for stress relief. It’s a calming activity that helps kids slow down their body and mind and process their emotions.
  4. Coloring is social. With the wide variety of coloring books on the market, it’s a perfect way to spend quality time as a family or with friends. There’s something for everyone!
  5. Coloring encourages self-esteem. Finishing a project is satisfying, whether you give it as a gift or hang it for display!


For inspiration, check out these great art materials by International Arrivals. They’re all Fall Top Toys!

DIY Black Sketch Pad

This chunky sketchbook features a heavy-duty blank cover for you to personalize, and 75 perforated sheets of 8’’ x 10.5’’ heavy black paper. Gel pens work great on this paper!

"Back 2 School" written on black paper with gel pens

Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

This set of 12 includes cherry, watermelon, grape, strawberry, pineapple, coconut, apple, blackberry, banana, orange, blueberry and lime. You can’t help but smile using these fun gel pens.

Part of a coloring book page filled in with Seriously Fine Markers and the markersSeriously Fine Markers

These felt-tip markers come in a pack of 36. They’re shaped like a rounded triangle for a precision grip, perfect for filling in those tiny coloring areas without smudging or color bleeding.

Part of a coloring book page filled in with Color Luxe Fine Tip Gel PensColor Luxe Fine Tip Gel Pens

The fine .7mm tips offer excellent precision for getting into corners, and these gel pens glide smoothly as you write or draw.

Sketches of a shaded red ball, a gradient and different colored pencil techniques2 of a Kind Double Ended Colored Pencils

These double-ended colored pencils offer 24 colors in a compact package. They’re perfect for shading and overlaying colors.

Add variety to your coloring experience by trying them all!

Happy coloring,


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  • I love how you put (At Any Age) in the title, considering so many adults have gotten back into coloring in recent years. I especially like point number 5 - there's definitely a sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a coloring page, especially some of the more intricate, detailed ones!

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