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Touchablle Bubbles


Recommended Age :

3 Years to 11 Years

Additional Information

Touchable Bubbles are unique polymer bubbles that actually harden when they hit the air! You can catch 'em, stack 'em, and watch 'em roll along the floor! How long will they last? Users and onlookers will be surprised to know that these bubbles will last for hours, and sometimes days! Non-toxic. Comes in a variety of colors, let us choose for you! Ages 3 +.


Surprise your family and friends!
Bubbles last for hours and even days
An innovative take on a classic toy

Skill Building

As kids practice blowing bubbles, they will be improving their oral motor skills by forming an O with their mouth and using the muscles of their mouth and jaw to blow the bubbles. Touchable bubbles harden when they reach the air, giving kids improved chances for success when practicing oral motor skills.

Package Contents:  

One tube of Touchable Bubbles, assorted colors


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By Mary Hathorn on 4/17/2020

By Mary Hathorn on 4/17/2020

By Kathryn Hedgepeth on 4/13/2020

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