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  • The turbulent reaction game with the original MAGFORMERS components challenges you!
  • Who is the quickest to correctly recreate the colorful construct on the task card?
  • In addition to a good eye and a quick reaction, mastering the magnetic resistance is also required!
  • Face the magnetic challenge and win the most task cards!
  • Ages: 6+
In Magnefix, each player receives a set of colored MAGFORMERS, plastic shapes that contain magnets and connect in interesting ways. Shuffle the task cards and place them face down as a draw pile in the middle of the table.

One player reveals the top card of the draw pile, then all players immediately try to recreate the image shown. As soon as you're done, place your hand on the task card. If you are the first to do so and have built the construction correctly, you win the card. The game ends when all 55 task cards have been played. The player with the most cards wins.
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