Douglas Maddie Soft White Bunny

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  • Quiet and sweet, Maddie the Soft White Bunny is a stuffed animal who loves cuddling and sharing secrets.
  • Long lop ears and an attentive expression will encourage animal lovers to befriend this endearing personality.
  • The pink color of Maddies flocked nose and inside her ears add charm to her appearance, while large, amber colored eyes bring her endearing personality to life.
  • The rabbits snow white fur has been crafted from decadently soft plush materials for extra soothing hugs.
  • A floppy body style allows Maddie to be posed sitting up or lying down for imaginative play.
  • Bring home Maddie the White Bunny and shell always be there to lend an ear or provide a comforting snuggle!
  • Size: 8 inches sitting.
  • Machine Washable
  • Ages: 2+
Douglas Maddie Soft White Bunny
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