Do You Know Your Peeps? Game

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    The game is divided in 5 categories: Favorites, School, Hobbies, Magic,and Personality. Each card features a family friendly question and 3 possible answers. It can be a specific situation with 3 ways to react to it, or a question about favorites with 3 choices of answers. All questions were made to be fun ,inclusive, and for everybody to find an answer that best fits their personality. With 200 questions tailored for kids and adults and 5 categories to pick from, this game is a great conversation starter. From silly questions to everyday life situations, the multiple topics encourage all players to express themselves with their choice of answer, share past memories or aspirations.This game will spark fun conversations and create memorable family moments with lots of laughter and learning about each other. Ages 7+
Do You Know Your Peeps? Game
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