Shashibo Optical Illusion Shape Shifting Box Puzzle

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  • OPTICAL ILLUSION, This PATENTED Award Winning mysterious magnetic puzzle box transforms into over 70 shapes! With unlimited possibilities!
  • Powered by 36 rare earth magnets. Can you master the shape shifting box?
  • COLLECT & CONNECT multiple Shashibo's to build larger structures. With its strong internal magnet system you can combine numerous boxes to build even larger shapes, sculptures and structures. Can you create them all?
  • FREE Fun In Motion Toys App for Iphone and Android with a growing library of Shashibo instructional demo videos
  • Fun, Fidgety, STEM/STEAM, Geometric, Magnetic polarity, Therapeutic, Artistic symmetry

Shashibo toy

Transforms into over 70 shapes

blue planet

High Quality Material

NON-TOXIC ABS material. Made under strict quality control. This Shape Shifting Box is completely free from harmful chemicals and is safe for children.

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Improve Children's Spatial Thinking Ability

While playing with Shashibo, children can improve their cognitive and spatial thinking skills. These cool cubes are the best fidget toys for adults too!

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More Possibilities to be Discovered

Discover 70+ shapes & possibilities! Gently open and fold your Shape Shifting Box until you feel the magnets connect. When they connect, you know you have created one of the shapes! Watch our videos for help.

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Collect & Connect

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