Swinging Shoes
Indoor Horseshoes

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  • Classic Horseshoes becomes perilously pendulous!
  • Land a sitter, ringer, or a hanger; Highest score wins!
  • Includes pole with platforms, door frame hanger, 8 horseshoes in green and orange
  • Ages 6 and up
A topsy-turvy point-wranglin' challenge! Players take turns tossing the rubbery horseshoes to try and ring them onto the suspended pole and platforms. Land a Sitter with the horseshoe flat on a platform. Get a Ringer by ringing the horseshoe around the pole on any platform. Or, score extra big by getting one of your horseshoes to HANG from one of the platforms! Just keep in mind... With every toss, the whole thing swings more and more. Do you have the skills to wrangle the most points and win? Hand-eye coordination is put to the ultimate test with the perilously pendulous game of Swingin' Shoes!

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