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Trends in the toy industry tend to come and go. I’m not going to lie—back in the day I was BC_bronty3rda bit of a Beanie Baby aficionado. I was intimately acquainted with the weekly TY shipment schedule at our local toy store and was, thanks to my grandpa, the proud owner of a custom made Beanie Baby display case. Come 8am on a Saturday morning I usually had my face plastered against the toy store window, desperate to discern whether they’d received the ever-elusive Bronty the Dinosaur beanie yet. After Beanie Babies another generation of kids discovered Webkinz and then Silly Bandz—and now we’ve got a whole other toy phenomenon on our hands: The Rainbow Loom.
RL Design ContestFor those of you who don’t know, the Rainbow Loom is a nifty plastic loom that allows you to weave together colored rubber bands. Our customers are using the loom to create bracelets, necklaces, key chains, bags, and other amazing accessories. Kids who love to loom have coined themselves “Loomineers” and many are inventing new Rainbow Loom designs and helping to teach classes at our stores. We were so amazed by the creative designs we saw our young customers create that we felt we just had to host a nationwide Rainbow Loom design contest.

Back in June we asked kids all over the country to submit bracelets they’d created, and we chose winners in two categories: Fan Favorites (most votes on Facebook) and Home Office Favorites (most votes from the LE Home Office). We had over 130 designs submitted and nearly 9,000 votes were cast!

After the contest was over we caught up with two of our winners, Miranda and Jacy, to discuss their designs.

Meet Miranda:

Miranda first heard about the Rainbow Loom from her friends at school. After admiring miranda2her classmates’ bracelets, she asked her mom to take her to Learning Express Toys of the Woodlands, TX to pick up a loom of her own.

“When I first got my loom I went to 2 classes. In these classes I learned the tulip tower, the rainbow loom ring, and the triple single,” Miranda told us. She now teaches classes to other loomers at the Woodlands store, and estimates that she uses the loom for at least two hours on an average day. She enjoys crafting bracelets for herself and everyone else in her family.

Miranda’s contest entry was a cheer bow, which she says is the coolest thing she’s ever made on a Rainbow Loom.  She shared with us, “I compete for Woodlands Elite Cheerleading Company in Texas. During cheer, I am required to wear a large bow in my hair. This inspired me to create a Rainbow Loom design!”

Miranda’s Tip: Don’t stress out if you aren’t as good as other loomers. It takes time to learn. Patience is key. Also, be sure to have fun!

Meet Jacy

jaclynJacy first discovered Rainbow Loom when she was shopping at Learning Express Toys in Coconut Creek, FL. After convincing her mom to buy one, she began learning to use the Loom by watching instructional videos on YouTube.

“I use my loom at least once a day,” Jacy told us.

It was during one of these daily loom sessions that Jacy got inspired to create her barefoot sandals. “I’d been making beaded barefoot sandals for a while, but I suddenly realized I could probably create them on the Rainbow Loom.” After about half an hour of trial and error, Jacy finally mastered her design.

If you want to find out how to make these yourself just check out her video!

When we asked Jacy what she bought with her contest winnings we weren’t too surprised by her response—Rainbow Loom refill bands!

Jacy’s Tip: Be creative and just keep trying until you get the design you want.

So there you have it readers! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about these two very talented loomineers.

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