Toy Review: The Doodle-Track Car Set

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This week on the blog we’re putting the spotlight on the Doodle-Track Car product by Daydream Toy. The Doodle-Track car is a craft activity and race car all wrapped into one and can provide hours of interactive online and in-house entertainment. Keep reading to find out how it shakes out using the Learning Express 3F’s of toy quality—form, function and fun!

Doodle Track Car


The Doodle-Track set has four essential in-the-box components—the Doodle-Track Car, a washable marker, stick-on decals, and playmat track. One of our favorite things about the Doodle-Track is that it also has an interactive online component. Kids can go online to and make a customized race track of their very own— complete with traffic signals, trees, and shops! The track can be printed out and, if you have enough paper in your printer, can cover your whole playroom floor. Take a look at the track we created online!

Online Doodle Tracker


The magic behind the Doodle-Track Car Set is that the little race car will follow any line that you draw!_ After the race car has been decorated to your satisfaction and given 2 AAA batteries, you’re ready to go. The car can meander around the playmat track or go for a ride on the race track you create online. All you need to do is draw a line with your marker (or with any black marker or crayon) and the Doodle-Track car will follow any twist or turn you put in its path. Feel like taking the car off-roading? Just get a large blank sheet of paper and create any route you want—the car will follow your marker wherever you want to travel! Check out this video to see the car in action:


The Doodle-Track Car Set is an incredibly addictive little toy. Kids can get creative decorating the car and designing customized race tracks, and can then enjoy hours of interactive fun getting the car to go anywhere they (and their truly magical marker) decide it should go. We’re not sure how the technology works behind this little vehicle, but it’s pretty amazing to watch.

We also love that this toy has an online component – kids increasingly want toys to have an online and “real life” presence and making a customized racetrack online is rewarding, engaging, and a whole ton of fun.

Happy doodling! Talk to you again soon!

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