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  • Switch Witch: A New Halloween Tradition!

    October is in full swing and there is a lot to be excited about this fall season. With the re-introduction of pumpkin and apple flavored everything, the delightful crisp smell in the air, and the appearance of cozy sweaters, what’s not to love about autumn? But the best part about October, in my opinion, is Halloween.

    Halloween is one of the greatest holidays for kids. It’s full of fun, imagination, and treats! Kids get to dress up as their favorite characters, attend festive parties, and hit up the neighbors for free candy. It is a chance to break away from the normal routine and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun and self-expression.

    But in today’s health-conscious world, Halloween can pose a bit of a problem. It can be challenging for parents to find the balance between Switch Witchallowing kids to really enjoy the holiday while keeping them from over-indulging on sweets. Luckily the Switch Witch can help swap those sugary treats for exciting alternatives!

    The Switch Witch is a good witch who visits houses on All Hallows’ Eve swapping candy for terrific toys while the kids are asleep. When the kids awake, they find their candy magically replaced by exciting new toys, games, and accessories. The Switch Witch loves sugary sweets and is pleased to trade her toys for delicious Halloween candy in order to keep little girls and boys happy and healthy.

    Most of her story is relatively unspecified, providing parents with the perfect opportunity to customize the Switch Witch tale for their family. Here are some Switch Witch tips:

    • Share your Switch Witch story with the kids before Halloween to prep them for this change and ensure that no one feels upset when their hard-earned candy is no longer available.
    • Consider allowing the kids to keep some of the candy while leaving the rest for the Switch Witch—this can help teach moderation and compromise.
    • Have the kids come up with a list of toys that they would be happy to receive in exchange for their candy so that the Switch Witch can prepare for her trade.

    Everyone will love this new tradition that teaches kids about the importance of nutrition while creating a magical experience full of thrilling surprises.

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    I hope the Switch Witch brings your family tons of spooktacular treats this year! We’d love to hear other ways that you’ve been able to avoid candy overload around Halloween; please leave a comment below.

    Happy haunting!