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Twangled Game

Twist and tangle yourself around a set of colorful elastic bands in this team-building game! 4-8 players. Ages 6 +

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Additional Information

Twangled is a team-building game where each player holds on to colorful elastic bands. Spin the kickable spinner to plan your next move: You'll have to go under or over a certain color band, tangling up the whole thing in the process! At the end, everyone works together to untangle and return to their original positions. 4-8 players. Ages 6 +


Stretchy, colorful bands
Great party game
Simple rules, easy to learn

Skill Building

Twangled helps children build gross motor skills as they twist their way around the colorful bands. This game helps build social skills along with trust and teamwork, as players work together to tangle and untangle.

Package Contents:  

8 elastic bands, kick spinner, instructions

Recommended Age:  

6 Years to 12 Years


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